Ali Toroghi
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加拿大多伦多房地产经纪Ali Toroghi个人简介:

Young, energetic and motivated.

年轻,活力,积极是加拿大房地产经纪Ali Toroghi对自己的描述。

I’m 29 years old and I’ve been a realtor for almost 7 years. I feel like I was born to be in this business – I started in sales when I was 17, cold calling and knocking on doors. I quickly found that I was good at it, and was consistently a top producer, no matter what the job was. I have always been a “people person,” and am able to understand and read people quite easily. I had always been interested in real estate and so working with people to find the perfect property or get them top dollar for their home seemed like the perfect job to me.

加拿大多伦多房地产经纪Ali Toroghi今年29岁,作为地产经纪已有7年之久,加拿大多伦多房地产经纪Ali Toroghi说:“感觉自己好像天生就是做这个职业的,我17岁开始做销售,打电话,敲门推销,我很快的意识到我擅长这方面,并且蝉联顶尖地产经纪,我可以很快的了解客户需求,我一直对房地产方面很感兴趣,所以说,和朋友共同发掘好的房产以及帮他们的房产卖出好价格是一个极其适合我的工作”。

I always put myself in my client’s shoes, and understand their wants and needs, while also helping them navigate the process of buying or selling a home and making it as smooth as possible.

加拿大多伦多房地产经纪Ali Toroghi总是站在客户的角度考虑问题,了解他们的需求,同时帮助指导客户买卖房屋过程,使其尽可能的顺利完成。

I love to play basketball and do yoga. I am an avid reader and also love to travel and try new restaurants. I love all kinds of food – that’s one of the greatest things about living in Toronto. 

加拿大多伦多房地产经纪Ali Toroghi热爱打篮球和做瑜伽而且是个书迷,喜欢旅游和尝试新的餐厅,也喜欢尝试各式各样的食物--这也是居住在多伦多最棒的事情之一。

  • 标题: 不看会后悔!圣安德鲁斯精美豪宅,等待您的莅临!


    位置:379 Ellerslie Avenue

    坐落在St. Andrews 地区的理想完美的豪宅。165平方尺大Lot。一层和二层4000平方尺大师级构造。外加2650平方尺超大Lot。大窗构造,每个房间都能享受到充足的自认光线。4间卧室都拥有独立套房。全部橡木实木地板,开放式厨房配有精致石英台面。高端WOLF器具,保姆室。休闲室配有吧台。地下室和所有的卫生间全部热能地板。一层有洗衣房,地下室另有两套洗衣机和烘干机。此豪华独立屋内还有酒窖,图书室,全部LED灯,天窗,4个壁炉。步出式地下室是12尺高天花板,稀有私家后院。地理位置极佳,靠近公共交通设施,学校和购物中心。

    An Absolute master piece Residence in  desirable St. Andrews neighbourhood with a premium 165FT south lot with the mostcraftsmanship and costume design Built on 4000Sqft on main and second floor PLUS 1650sqft of In the BASEMENTS. Featuring Large Windows on 3 all levels which allows natural light thorough the day.4 Bedrooms with each room having its own on suite, All Red Oak Hardwood floor throughout, Open Concept Kitchen with Quartz Countertop, High End WOLF Appliances, Nanny’s Room, Stunning Rec Room with Built-In Wet Bar, Heating floors throughout basement and all the Washrooms. Laundry room on main floor and basement with 2 full sets of Washer and dryer. Wine cellar, Library Smart home, led lights, Skylights, 4 Fireplace, 12+ft ceilings in the Basement with walk out to a RARE found Private Backyard. Centred on a quiet Ellerslie street with easy access to public transit, schools and shoppingcentres.

    发布于:2018/1/24 11:42:44

  • 标题: 北利塞得社区全新独立屋出售


    位置:Donlea Dr.


    超级新订制超3000平方尺大宅坐落于North Leaside(北利塞得社区),4间卧室,7间卫生间。设计高端,匠心所制。

    靠近Bayview & Eglinton, 地理位置极其优越,靠近购物中心,高速路,医院,公共交通设施,学校以及公园。Eglinton Cross Town轻铁会在这里开通。是您投资置业的绝佳选择!千万不要错过!

    Leaside社区得天独厚的自然环境、交通优势和Leaside社区的资源吸引着中高收入阶层的人们。 Leaside社区内的Serena Gundy Park冬季可以滑雪,夏季适合散步,从这里可以进入Sunnybrook公园和Wilket Creek公园。位于Millwood Rd和Laird Drive的Leaside Memorial社区花园是该区域最大的休闲场所,有室内游泳池、室内溜冰场、旱冰场以及大礼堂,常年举行各种培训课程和俱乐部活动。位于Millwood Rd和McRae Drive的Trace Manes Park 经常举办各种活动,比如网球,棒球等。冬季室外自然冰场和雪橇坡道成为孩子们的乐园。Leaside社区的图书馆有大量儿童书刊,在周末还举办丰富多彩的活动和儿童培训班。

    Leaside社区内位于Laird Drive和Eglinton Ave东南角的Leaside Centre内聚集了大量的零售商店,Eglinton Avenue East以南则有大量独立的商店和餐馆。挨着Leaside Centre的就是Leaside工商业区,集合了轻工业和特种零售店。

    发布于:2017/11/1 12:11:48

  • 标题: South Leaside两卧室平房出售


    位置:243 Airdrie Rd

    坐落于安静的South Leaside街区的平房。建造属于你的梦中之屋。这间房屋是您安家置业,投资的绝佳选择。有私人小道进入。地理位置极其优越。靠近名校区,可以步行至医院。靠近所有Bayview商店和咖啡馆。

    我们建筑商的一位客户通过Ali Toroghi Group 于2017年8月购入此屋!

    发布于:2017/10/31 7:59:18

  • 标题: North Leaside2+1室2卫生间独立屋出售


    位置:351 Laird Dr

    坐落于North Leaside。32尺LOT的理想之家。屋主持有45年。欢迎入住,并且建造您的梦中之屋。Northlea School学区。地理位置极其优越,几分钟可达 New Lrt Stop。这间房屋很有升值潜力。

    一位国外买家通过Ali Toroghi Group 于2017年7月购入此屋!

    发布于:2017/10/31 7:49:58

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